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Developing a digital solution for lost-and-found seems fundamentally simple: Go digital. Add compelling graphics. Give staff a convenient way to enter found property. Let customers file claims online. Create algorithms based on key word searches. Identify matches. Voila!

Scratch the surface and it’s not so easy.

Study after study show “losers” and “finders” describe the same items differently, incorrectly or incompletely. So how do you implement a key word search? Do key words even matter?

False positives are the nemesis of staff. How can a system reduce false positives without missing valid matches?

Guests are multi-national. What should a system know to address their needs? Is it enough to offer a choice of language?

What are the complexities of customer communications, tracking, reporting, auditing and security? is continuously asking these questions -- and more -- and we are answering them with bold new thinking.

With each generation product we build a more comprehensive, powerful, and efficient solution to this deceptively complicated challenge called lost-and-found.